… but the sad reality is that college is not free. And its cost will continue to rise. However, there are some ways you can significantly reduce the cost of education.

Welcome to FreeCollegeUniversity.

I’ve started this site because I think it is very important that people realize that while education is necessary… going into debt for it isn’t ALWAYS necessary. I want to help people find ways to minimize the cost of education and get the best possible return on what you end up paying for school.

In today’s climate, 16, 17 and 18 year olds are taking out loans for tens of thousands of dollars annually for a degree that has no guaranteed return on investment. I’ve even heard student loan debt labeled as “good debt”… Huh?!?

GRRRRRR………………. debt is NEVER a good thing to have!  You shouldn’t have to tie up your post-college money just because the “experts” told you to! The decision to further your education is a BIG one, but truly understanding much it will cost to attend the school of your dreams is just as critical.

Make the right decision now and your post-graduate pockets will think you later…  😀

FreeCollegeUniversity is for students, parents, graduates and just about anyone involved in paying for education. We’ll dispel myths regarding student loans and help you make a better financial decision when opting for furthering your education.

College can definitely be worthwhile but it shouldn’t cost you an arm… or leg… or $442.00 a month for 10 years after you graduate. Let’s figure out how 😀

Geoffrey D. for FreeCollegeUniversity